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tv   Today  NBC  June 27, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hoda and i want to welcome you to a beautiful booze day tuesday, june 26th. >> the best ever. >> oh, it's gorgeous. >> it's in the 70s today, no humidity. >> great hair weather. by the way, yesterday, you know how it rained then it didn't, then it rained and didn't? i was in ciderella buying some
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turkey meatballs. i walked out, it was pouring. i had no umbrella. the nicest guy helped me get a cab with an umbrella on the street. >> did he hop in with you to take a ride? >> no, he did not. >> no? chivalry is alive and well. apparently a little chicanery was going on last night on david letterman's show. >> we don't know what it is, we were mentioned. probably something to do with wine. let's watch. >> every year paul and i get dressed up and go to the gay pride parade. this year we went as kathie lee andhoda! hoda! never seen hoda in my life. have you ever seen hoda? >> of course i have. >> oh, you were on their show. >> no, i wasn't on their show, but i love hoda and kathie lee. >> you watch it. >> i watch it. >> it's true at some point they just start drinking?
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>> that was it. >> that's our cue, i suppose. >> cheers. >> he's seen you! dave, bad boy. i'd spank him but he'd enjoy it. >> speaking of giving a spanking, all right, so christie brinkley and her former husband -- what is his -- >> peter cook. >> the "new york post" headline is "giving a spanking." >> read the first line of the article, hoda. >> by the way, their divorce or settlement has been going on forever. >> they keep going back to court because of new issues arising regarding their children. >> here's the headlines. the first line in the article in "the post" written by -- >> salim algar. >> the hamptons' most annoying crybabies are getting a nanny. what they decided to do is get some sort of, what would you call the person? >> i think they're called
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officially parenting coordinators. which is basically a babysitter. oh, there goes jill. jill rapport. we love our jill. they're two adults acting still like children. obviously they have issues with their kids going forward. they are now completely agreed to the point that they will never, ever speak to each other ever again. >> all communication has to go through this coordinator. >> now, when i first heard that, i thought, you've got to do what you've got to do. but please tell me tax dollars are not going toward that. because that would infuriate me. apparently, no. they have to pay for this. they'll go to court about that, too, i guess. why can't you settle something privately? >> i know. actually, his now-wife was giving interviews at the courthouse saying that christie brinkley came up to her and said -- what was it? what did she say? >> i'll be there for you when he cheats on you.
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>> she said something like, get a new line. >> it's just ugly. it's just ugly. you're adults, do what you want to do, but the kids. one is 17 and one is 14. >> awful. >> you just wonder if they will ever recover from this sort of thing. >> you look at this picture, you remember they must have been at some point madly and deeply in love. it's so funny when you see a day like this. >> we've been married before. we thought it would be forever and it wasn't. but i have nothing but the best wishes in the world for my ex-husband and you sort of do, too. >> kind of. you know, anyway! there are still some issues festering. >> just a few. like a fungus! >> let's talk about a wedding. there was a wedding in michigan. >> speaking of still in love. >> they did a typical wedding picture where they tried to be creative and went out on a dock in shelbyville, michigan. the entire wedding party was on a dock getting ready to snap a picture. then just take a look at what
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happened. >> everybody in the drink. >> ocourse we're laughing. >> look at the bride! oh, my gosh. >> she didn't even go to her husband. >> she didn't? >> no. see, there's trouble already. but look at this shot. this is very telling. >> this is after. >> this is after the ceremony. >> sometimes you take pictures prior. you like to get those out of the way. >> yes. while you still look good. can i tell you something? you know someone's personality right away when something like that happens. if they turn into one of those bridezillas, you know exactly who they are. >> it bodes well for them they can deal with that. we have a terrified dad on our hands in an amusement park. >> he went with his daughters on one of those crazy rides. >> yes, grace elizabeth.
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>> they had a video camera. this one rolled a videotape. >> it's at dollywood. >> a man and his daughter. take a peek. >> ahh! ahh! never again, grace elizabeth! oh, my god! oh! we've got to do one more? >> okay. >> the daughter wanted to do one more. >> if you don't like the word "again," don't have children. one of their first words, again, again. >> how about him? >> i thought it was willard scott at first. don't do it, willard, your heart! if willard goes, i'm officially the oldest person here at the
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"today" show. >> he really is crying like a little girl. that is so true. god love him. that's love. and his daughter is having a blast, too. >> all righty. if you are looking for love -- and who isn't -- you can now go to a sniff party. >> yeah. a lot of people do online dating. people say, why would i do that when there's a pheromone party. you submit your slept-in t-shirt so it smells like you and pass it around to potential suitors and they sniff it. if they like what they smell, you're hooked up. they're in ziploc bags. >> jerry has a problem with that. i have a big problem with it, too. you know how awful it was when you were a little kid and they choose teams and one person is standing there? what if nobody wants to sniff you? that's cruel. >> why would they not want to sniff your bag?
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>> because they don't like the way you smell. what if everybody teams up and you're alone. >> that would be terrible. >> in your underwear. that would be sad. >> i would like the smell of lever 2000 or fresh laundry. that's what i like. i don't like sweaty -- >> i know what you would like and i have it in my closet. hanging in my closet. >> what is it? >> remember when we went to see hugh jackman on broadway? that man sweats profusely. >> that was the best sweat. >> like you cannot believe. there was an auction for aids equity fights -- i forget the name of charity. broadway fights aids. and we all started bidding. >> on the sweaty, smelly t-shirt. >> i bid so much money, it was ridiculous. >> frank was mad. >> i had to tell frank. he said, how did that happen? how do you tell your husband you wanted another man's sweaty t-shirt? i ran into it yesterday in my closet. >> you did? >> yes.
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i didn't sniff it though. that would just be disturbing. >> by the way, how vicious was that with you and that other lady bidding on it? >> who does she think she was? >> in the theater, you put your hand up and she did. you guys were looking at each other and it was a total takedown. >> you are going down! >> that's what she yelled. >> she didn't have anything to explain -- know what happened? both of them, he went upstairs and got a different t-shirt and she paid it, too. >> oh, i hate when they do that. >> i know. i was about to give up. i said, it's hers. no, how about everybody? >> guess who's coming to broadway? >> no announcement. >> "cher, the musical." she is one of the great performers of all time. this is what their plan would be for three actresses to play cher at different periods in her life. one from the sonny era. one post-divorce version to her
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"believe" tour. and now as cher today who is in her 60s and still looks amazing. >> we would like to cut to our producer joanne la marka who is passing out. she is so excited. she's been waiting for this day. >> biggest fan in the world ever. >> here's the thing. it's a great idea. as i said, i saw her a couple of times live. she is unbelievable. you've got to get a very good book or otherwise it's just a look-alike contest. that's the hard part. you have to play three actresses to play one role. i know what that's like. when you produce things, you look -- >> maybe it's just two and cher can play herself and not get paid. >> oh, cher's going to do it for free, yeah. you don't know cher. >> anyway, we think it's awesome. >> we are here to say today we can predict the presidential election. >> right. >> we think. >> just with our taste buds. >> "family circle" magazine has done this thing every year. they call it a presidential cookie bake-off.
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since 1992 they've asked the spouses of potential presidential candidates to share their favorite cookie recipe. when you choose which one is the tastiest, they've been right four out of five. >> that means mrs. obama's won four years ago over mrs. mccain. >> first lady michelle obama's are called mama key's white and chocolate. >> mama kay, i think. >> don't confuse me with your fancy talk. anne romney made her cookies, and they are m&m cookies. she says her grandchildren cannot resist. we'll try them. >> good. >> get in there. >> let me try again.
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>> all right. >> i'm eating so much sweets lately. i hate myself. >> we'll talk friday, there is a new thing coming out, new study that says sugar makes you stupid. >> give me more. >> all right. what do you say? >> i have to say i kind of like both of them. i'm not trying to be nonpartisan. but i like the crunchiness of that one, but i love the chunky chocolatey bits of this one. >> it's going to be a close election? >> i think it's going to be very close. >> i am a practicing independent, but i'm going with mrs. romney. >> of course you are. >> you can find the recipes -- >> you're not committing? >> honestly, i like this sometimes, i like that. i do, honestly. delicious. by the way, for friday we are keeping a food diary. this is how much i hate myself. >> because you don't end up
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putting things on this on or things like that. >> if you write down everything you put in your mouth, imagine what it looks like? okay? >> everything? >> you're sick. you know what? you know what? >> i'm just saying. i don't think i was that truthful with her last week. >> anyway. so we have one last cocktail to discuss, don't we? this is called tales of a cocktail. an event in new orleans, they're celebrating the 10th anniversary. it's another cocktail day in new orleans. it doesn't matter. >> every day is cocktail day in new orleans. this is going to be july 25th through july 29th. it's very important. it's called a french 75. >> cognac, lemon juice, simple syrup, and champagne. >> goes so great with mrs. romney's cookies. >> these were good, too. coming up next, joe
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manganiello makes magic. >> oh, yes. he dressed up for us. >> wait till you see the cast he spells on all the women in our studio. he's a sweet guy.
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actor joe manganiello is best known as the werewolf in "blue blood." his new role has him known as big dick. >> richie. in the new movie "magic mike." ♪ >> and since we couldn't get enough of those moves from the clip, we thought we would ask joe to do something no guest has ever done before. show us what he's got. cue the music, please. ♪ it's raining men hallelujah ♪ it's raining men ♪
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>> that's it? there has to be more. we have our cash ready and everything. >> i was going to say, if you have dollar bills. >> show us, big boy. >> meal stripping is basic. there are only a few moves. there is the body roll, then the top body roll. >> i like that one. >> scram! >> oh, well! >> your parents must be so proud of their little joey. >> it's going to be an awkward summer for mom and dad. >> joey grew up to be big dick. >> richie. >> my father is very proud. >> well, he's italian. of course he is. >> tell us what you liked about this. when you first heard about this movie? >> what is there not to like about this movie? it's such a great group of guys and it's really fun. aside from that, you're basically having 200 female extras scream, claw, grab, body cavity search.
2:23 am
>> right. there are no rules for women. the men get a lap dance and stuff, they are supposed to not touch. >> at a female strip club you the get the archetypical guy in a trench coat that looks like a typical serial killer. at a male strip club, women go and attack. the idea is to make a girl blush in front of her girlfriends and embarrass her. there is a whole level of energy and fun. plus it's costumes. you can't take yourself seriously with your american flag thong and sparkler. >> oh, i don't know. >> did you have to take dance lessons? did you know this stuff before? >> i think only channing had experience in this area, right? >> i had ballet and jazz in drama school. male stripping is really grimy. we had a stripper boot camp for about a month. >> matt bomer is in this. matthew mcconaughey. did you have to work out a lot
2:24 am
because you wanted the best bod in the group? all you guys have terrific bodies. >> i don't know i was necessarily trying to compete with the other guys. i'm on the naked werewolf show. i had a bit of a head start, i guess. >> let's just watch, sit here for a second. it's not a whole lot -- >> make money and grind on women, then we talk. >> then they get their big break and move from tampa to miami. >> it's like "three sisters." instead of moscow it's miami. >> i read in the paper today that channing wants to make it into a broadway musical. cher? this? what is going -- rodgers and hammerstein would not be thrilled. >> i don't know about that. i say cole porter would be thrilled. >> he would be delighted, delovely. >> did you all become friends on this show?
2:25 am
the group of you? >> yeah. nothing bonds you together like shaving your legs and putting on a thong. >> you must have been screaming laughing. >> the whole time, rolling on the ground just like crying laughing. >> was it you who said most of the time on these sets you go to your trailer but you guys just hung out and supported one another? >> yeah. it was like a party, you didn't want to be in the bathroom when something crazy happens. >> i've never been to one of those clubs because i am -- have you? >> yeah, once. >> really? >> yeah. bachelorette party. >> friday nights. >> all right, "magic mike," it opens friday. >> it's nice seeing you, but i prefer you with less clothing on. >> i met you at the jonathan club on the beach out in l.a. >> you know what? you didn't have to bring that up. what happens at the jonathan club is supposed to stay there. but it was fun and i want to thank you very much. >> this movie opens at a theater
2:26 am
near you on friday. channing tatum will be with us thursday. up next, he shot to fame as kid dyn-o-mite. comedian jimmie walker is next. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. with smooth caramel and chocolate.
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still ahead -- comedian jimmie walker shares the good times and the bad. >> bobbie thomas shows how everything can look good on you this summer. >> and world-renowned chef demarcus samuelsson shares some recipes. all of this is coming up after your local news.
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we are back on this tuesday with more of "today." stand-up comedian jimmie walker, if you were around in the 1970s like some people we know -- hoda was just born -- you probably remember jimmie as a pop icon
2:33 am
frommed the groundbreaking show "good times." >> he gave j.j. evans the catch phrase that resonates still 40 years later. take a look. ♪ good times >> in 1974, television audiences across the country were introduced to the evans family on the groundbreaking show "good times." james and florida were the hardworking parents always trying to keep their heads above water in the chicago housing projects. there was daughter thelma, son michael and their firstborn and his enthusiastic catch phrase -- >> dyn-o-mite! dyn-o-mite! kid, i'm dyn-o-mite! >> j.j. played by up-and-coming comedian jimmie walker was the sitcom's breakout star. >> j.j., you're a genius. >> i know. >> goofy, love and self-described van gogh of the ghetto, he was always trying to
2:34 am
do the right thing. >> ain't these something? they so sexy, they almost turn me on. >> while the show forced viewers to witness some harsh realities of urban life, j.j. always kept a dose of healthy humor present. >> dyn-o-mite! >> jimmie walker gave himself a gift for his 65th birthday. >> memoir appropriately titled, "dyn-o-mite." >> was that part of the script, or du coid you come up with it? >> no. john rich our producer who did "the honeymooners" later on went to create "mcgyver," he created it one night. i did a light version and he said, that's it, man. i said what? he said i want you to line up, stand there and wail it, man. he did it. it was the kind of thing i went, what does it mean, john?
2:35 am
he says, it means nothing, but people will go for it. norman lear came in and he says, what does it mean, john? are we just going to have a guy standing there saying "dyn-o-mite"? >> yes, we'll see. >> we asked what took so long to write your memoir? and you said? >> i've had the book for 30 years. written, bind it, go to the kinko. >> don't use that kind of language on television. >> i could not sell it. the book was turned down 100 times. >> really? >> what did they tell you? >> there was no big call for jimmie "j.j." walker. trust me. finally, after the fourth writer, this is the fourth writer who wrote it with me. after that, we finally sold it. he put in more chapters about the show. so that helped, i think, a little bit. when i wrote it, i had maybe two pages.
2:36 am
>> because you had moved on. >> i moved on. when we were together as a cast, there wasn't that much conversation. >> what's interesting, florida, your mom on the show was quoted, i think, saying they thought that you were sort of stealing the limelight away from everybody. you're kind of like -- i mean, a nice guy but a lazy guy, doesn't have a job in the show. but you got all the attention. >> the thing is, i came in for the comedy. i said, i'm coming in to do comedy the whole it time. everybody was an actor. that wasn't my thing. >> you are a stand-up comedian. >> and i wrote jokes, jokes, jokes. even when it got to a point that they said, no more jokes, we're in front of a live audience, i had eight jokes ready. >> that's what you are. >> rehearsal i would do the jokes and they would go, no jokes. i said to the camera crew, line me up, get me a nice one-cut, baby.
2:37 am
i'm going with it. and i went with it. >> they kept them in the show? >> then when they got applause, yeah. when they didn't work, my heck, darn it. >> was there bitterness about the whole experience? >> no. not at all. i always say this, in this business, as you guys know, if anybody likes anything you do, you are happy about it. >> and grateful. >> there's enough people that just go, jimmie walker stinks. >> nobody i met ever said that. you'd do well in a pheromone party. >> this guy brian who produces shows i do, they said how about jimmie walker for this show. he said jimmie walker? he's yesterday's mashed potatoes. i thought he made a suicide pact with flip wilson? >> oh, did you put that in the book? because that would sell. >> we've got to go.
2:38 am
>> i want to mention my app 99 cents. jimmie walker original. just get the app, man. 99 cents. shapewear to keep you in your super sleek self this summer. >> bobbie thomas! long does it? listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. so you can get a lot done without refills. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so don't just stand there holding your lattes, boys.
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we're back with bobbie's tuesday's trend. she is taking us undercover. bobbie thomas has some new and inventive lingerie and shapewear to keep all your assets where they belong. >> how are you? >> i'm good. i'm really excited. this time of year clothing gets thin and we are frustrated with peek-a-boo straps and stuff showing. >> kids don't care. >> it's all out. >> when it comes to me and my girlfriends, they are strapped down. i'm not going to get embarrassed today. i'm really excited about this new website.
2:43 am
it's this is a bra company that created a quiz. they ask you the shape, are they round, falling on the bottom, where do your bra straps dig in? they can help analyze not just the size but the shape so you get that personalized fitting. they'll send five bras to your house. if you don't like them, you can send them back. >> love that. pretty. >> gorgeous. >> you can do this in the privacy of your own home. have your own bra fitting. >> really great. >> this is the joey bra. if you need a hands-free summer, this has a pocket right in the side. this is such a hot item. she just launched this. this girl was really creative. she can barely keep them in stock. this next one, i love this.
2:44 am
this is a statement bra. bare necessities is one of my favorite resources. this is a clever way to conceal your cleavage. it's really pretty. she has other innovative shapes that pop-up, metal that you can see there. i know around here in the morning we don't love to have the plunging necklines. >> well, the crew likes it -- >> well, to cover up, you might want to do that without just the tank every day. is a great cami site. they make everything from sequins to a satin trim to lace so you can mix up the way you feel underneath. they come in different lengths. >> very nice. >> you know we love our spanx. this is really cool. you see in the back here, in the front it's a slip. this is a hybrid. it's a skort. i'm going to turn this around.
2:45 am
it's a short in the back. the reason for this, which is fantastic, when you wear maxi dresses or all those dresses that you can see through, this gives you the extra coverage so you don't have the see-through but the skort in the back gives shame to your buns. this is another good idea. they have control freaks. they make your undies according to your body shape, whether you're an apple or diamond. >> or a pear. >> they have body shape according to the shape and panelling in the underwear. this is a great way. >> and they are like spanx. >> yes. we're not all one-size-fits-all. are you taking those? those are granny panties big-time. >> this is one of my favorite sites. they have launched this called my skin. >> it matches your skin shade. so you can correctly match your
2:46 am
shade. >> you're way up here, hoda. >> i'm up here. >> everything is on klg& you can find out more and have your questions answered. >> those are great. >> when you want to wear white you need to match your skin tone. >> bobbie, thank you, sweetheart. record heat, dangerous wildfires and too much rain in parts of florida. good morning, i'm meteorologist crystal egger with your weather forecast. and today it's going to be mostly dry across the majority of the country with the exception of florida, scattered rain persisting with debby, although the storm is moving offshore and will be weakening. not a concern heading into the evening. meanwhile, dry thunderstorms isolated with gusty winds across colorado's high country, more record heat as we squeeze out any rain here over the rockies,
2:47 am
we'll be lucky as the fires continue to burn. temperatures are not going to be quite as hot but still in the 90s, 97 in denver, 100 in albuquerque. we may again tie some records here, and all the heat builds off to the east over the next few days. that's going to spread this dry, hot air across the plains and eventually into the ohio valley, could see a worsening drought in these areas as we get stuck in this dry and hot pattern. meanwhile, a few showers lingering there across southern florida as we head into thursday, 105 in kansas city. so here's the bulk of the hot weather, and look how this moves all the way up into the louisville area. those spots are just going to bake here over the next few days right into the weekend, 103 in louisville by friday, 102 in atlanta. so we are expecting some very hot air to move into the southeast as well. still 95 in denver on saturday, and temperatures in the northeast warming into the upper 80s and low 90s. the only spot it's going to be
2:48 am
cooler across seattle into san francisco, even los angeles. your daytime high only 70 degrees there as we start out the weekend. sunday not much of a change, and we don't have any systems to really track. so a lot of focus on the heat. you can get the very latest on "wake up with al" right here on the weather channel weekday mornings at 6:00 a.m.
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2:50 am
what you're about to hear is depressing and very surprising. as many as 98,000 deaths a year are caused by all kinds of medical mistakes. according to one study, 1 in 7 hospital patients have experienced unintended harm, wow. >> what can you do to make sure that doesn't happen to you? "prevention" editor in chief is here and dr. taz is here. how are you? >> good.
2:51 am
happy we're not in the hospital. >> yeah. more and more we are hearing about these kinds of things. >> if you have choices, you say it's a good idea not to have surgery in july or on the weekends, if it's up to you. >> right. if you have a choice, right. not only does it mess up your summer vacation but studies show there is a 10% spike at fatalities at teaching hospitals in july. experts think this is because when doctors in training begin their residencies, it's in july. weekends are a problem because you have light staffing, doctors on call at their home. you're never going to get a lab result. doctors are people, too. they get tired. don't be the first surgery in the morning or the last in the day. >> i would want to be the first one. no? >> the problem is in the morning you still have lighter staffing. when there's lighter staffing, you've got people with a lot on their plate. there's more room for that human error piece of the surgery or procedure.
2:52 am
>> often in the hospital there's a shift change. doctors or a nurse come and go. >> i worked in a hospital for years. shift change can work for a patient because you get a fresh set of nurses and doctors to look at your care. the problem is in the hand-off where there's miscommunication when one nurse checks out to the next or one doctor checks out to the other doctor. the key for the patient, introduce yourself. make sure you know who your new doctor and nurse is and review the current care and plan. >> and know what medication you're taking. >> exactly. >> if they're bringing you something different, you can point it out to them. >> friends and family in the room can help with that because sometimes you're out of it. >> it takes a prevention village. you are stressed, you're sick, you're not your usual calm and charming self. so you want friends and family at the bedside not only to answer doctor questions but to be your eyes and ears. you can return the favor when you're needed to help your friend. >> what if you have a crazy
2:53 am
mother? >> we can talk sidebar. >> i don't, of course. but some people's family members can be a big distraction. >> they raise the temperature. >> offer one more suggestion to that. i've seen where this could save lives. have a spokesperson but maybe a written health plan. where you have somebody coming into the room and they can know your medication and allergies without having to guess. i've been where even the spokesperson is not clear about what's going on. it can result in a loss of life. >> a lot of these rooms are germy. you say it's good to tell them to wash their hands. >> here is the thing. don't be afraid of looking like the crazy lady, howard hughes germaphobe.
2:54 am
hospital settings are dangerous. things are crawling dangerous bugs. have the alcohol wipe and say use this. >> they wouldn't come back to see you? >> i didn't realize we are quite the germ magnets, but there are germs on things we carry room to room. most of us have good habits wiping them down. >> it's the tone you use. >> it's a relationship. it's establishing the relationship. >> nothing like a good staph infection. thank you, ladies. up next, the remarkable journey of chef marcus samuelsson. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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2:56 am
now on "today's kitchen,"
2:57 am
what's cooking? world-renowned chef and owner of the rooster restaurant in harlem, marcus samuelsson tosses together a shrimp and endive salad. >> his book "yes, chef" talks of being adopted by swedish parents and dedicating his life to his passion for food. we love you. >> thank you so much. i came with a yes chef drink. >> yes chef, i like that. >> what is it? >> ethiopian spices. really the story of my life. honey, wine, a little bit of pineapple juice. >> very delicious. >> your memoir is a beautiful story. you were adopted at 3. >> i was adopted at the age of 3. me and my sister had tuberculosis. i heard your brother adopted a baby from ethiopia. i was adopted to sweden. that's when the second part of my life really began. >> look at the beautiful pictures. >> so lucky to be raised in sweden. >> please tell me your folks are still here to see your great
2:58 am
success. >> my mom is. me and my sister grew up there. it was absolutely fantastic. >> what are you whipping up for us. >> i love when siblings are not broken up. >> yes. i'm doing a summer salad. you've got a summer cocktail. i'm doing a summer salad with fried shrimp. these are not heavy. when you think about frying, shouldn't be that heavy. just light. i'm going to put in a little vinaigrette with this endive. >> what is that dressing? >> just like -- almost a lemon vinaigrette. >> i thought it was endive. >> it's endive. >> it can be anything marcus wants it to be. >> the key is to blend up. >> put salt on it. >> this is the perfect dinner party. get a little bit of nuts. >> what kind of nuts? >> nice wonderful fried walnuts. >> thank you. looks delicious. >> this is what we serve at rooster. >> how's the rooster going, by the way?
2:59 am
>> oh, wow. >> you have to come back up. >> this is delicious. you're going to love this, hoda. >> it's a little bit bitter, a little bit sweet, just like life. that's what i talk about in "yes chef," the journey of my life. enjoy. >> marcus, that is so delicious. >> fantastic. >> so light. >> what about these nuts we just bypassed? those are delicious. >> this is just roasted nuts with a little bit of spice from our country ethiopia. dried cherries in there. it's salty. perfect for a dinner party. marcus, do you ever go back to ethiopia? >> once a year to visit my biological family. eight sisters and brothers in ethiopia. it's all in "yes chef." >> we're so proud and happy for you. >> again, your place is called the red rooster restaurant up in harlem. tomorr